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Júlio Resende

A new business management mentality comes into being. This is because we believe in a Brazil that is in favor of growth and has a vocation for successful agribusiness. We have people focused on work that is made of truth; that brings dignity to the population; that is capable of combining sustainable development and profitable enterprise with quality of life. This is possible, this is Origine!

Research into Brazil’s main commodities guided our initial efforts. We sought to envision an ideal context; one in which Brazil could play a major role in contributing toward fulfillment of immense worldwide demand for food. We believe in the potential of agribusiness. Our country has vast areas appropriate for agriculture and livestock. Favorable climatic conditions and vegetation, abundant water, good quality soils, and a command of appropriate agricultural technologies are among our many exceptional competitive advantages.

The world must feed populations counted in billions. Specialists have indicated that fulfillment of this demand must, in parallel, abide by more stringent environmental commitments, such as a low-carbon economy. In the light of such prospects, we can affirm that Brazil has the keys both to the present and the future!

Origine Group seeks to encourage strategic and operational plans for creation and development of business organizations that together contribute toward deployment of a new and truly sustainable production scenario that is,at the same time, socially fair, environmentally correct and economically feasible.

In addition to sustainability, we defend concepts that underpin the competitive edge of the Group. These include vertical integration, traceability, certification, added value, market diversification, and governance over all business transactions.

Thus, through adoption of innovative management and production strategies, based on a set of competitive advantages, Origine proposes to contribute toward changing the way that Brazilian agribusiness is conducted. To implement this new paradigm, we need more comprehensive approaches on the part of governments, the academic community, and the general public.

In defining its approach to business, Origine Group has examined the specific contributions of a number of specialists who have for decades been engaged in researching solutions for challenges of this nature. Assimilation of such knowledge ranges from strengthening of public and private institutions, to establishment of monitoring and control mechanisms and setting of incentives for the development of activities. The aim is to promote better quality of life, greater transparency, and environmental conservation, while creating favorable trading conditions for Brazil.

Ours is a Group of companies that works with the highest quality standards, alongside collaborators, investors, and a network of partners, suppliers and consumers, in pursuit of aligned and convergent objectives. The Group acts in a concerted manner to promote exclusive processes, designed to foster its relationships and products.

Out of respect for the consumer, Origine Group provides products made of truth that are safe, healthy, reliable, honest and fairly priced. Moreover, besides focusing on investments and business opportunities, Origine also takes its social and educational responsibilities very seriously, through development of projects that respect and enhance the value of local communities.

This is the kind of healthy and high-quality world to which we aspire, and which we aim to attain by means of development of a new production and management model. We contend that the pursuit of profit should be tempered by responsibility for the wellbeing for society.

This encompasses enhancing the quality of life of communities, through creation of jobs and income and conservation of the environment; through harmonization of economic growth with the rational use of natural resources.

Thus, Origine Group boldly aims to set a worldwide benchmark for agribusiness production and management, through adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, stimulus for socioeconomic change, and transformation of realities through multiplying effects.

At Origine, everything is made with truth, transparency, dignity, and hard work to produce brilliant outcomes for mankind and for the world.

We are building a new era, with a strategic vision from the present to the future!

Welcome to Origine – Made of Truth!
Júlio Resende
Chairman and Founder of Origine