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The Group acts on different platforms defined by its founding chairman, Júlio Resende, based upon his life experiences and innate views in his area of business.

Origine maintains its own planning and execution capacities. always grounded on scientific premises. through a permanent and ongoing process of studies and research on the universe of themes of relevance to its fields of activity.

The quest for excellence in management. in addition to respect for cultural and intellectual differences, reflects a multidisciplinary vision capable of producing optimal outcomes for the Group. This quest is guided by constant growth and expansion of the knowledge applied, with the aim of keeping processes, individuals and products constantly updated and competitive.

In this way, Origine’s brand has attained credibility and consumer trust for its respect for humanity, its verticalized approach, its well planned, tested and accredited management processes enable Origine to proudly its commitment to:

The flowchart below shows the Action Platforms of the Origine Group: