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This platform is dedicated to three aspects:

Origine Risk Analysis responds to demands from the various segments of Origine Group and conducts market research into all opportunities identified. To this end, it centralizes critical information, carries out studies, and assesses all potential business risks submitted for its appreciation.

In the performance of consistent risk management, Origine Business considers:

  • the financial status and capital structure of each venture, with a view to assessing its feasibility and the resources required for its deployment;
  • operational risks at each stage of the venture, among them, input supplies, production processes, availability of human resources, supply and delivery logistics, technologies used, consumer markets, etc.;
  • strategic risks, including those of a market, political, social, legal, cultural, technological, environmental or economic nature that might pose threats to the venture in question;and that could adversely affect future revenue-growth prospects, profitability and efficiency of socio-environmental activities in its field of action.


Origine Business is also the investments branch of Origine Group, serving as the channel whereby own and third-party funding is distributed to productive activities, with the aim of enhancing solidity of the conglomerate.

In this respect, Origine Business cultivates intense relationships with national and international investor groups, with a view to ensuring financial feasibility in the implantation of previously-examined and approved productive ventures.

Throughout its decision processes, Origine Business abides by the core principles of Origine Group, prioritizing projects that:

  • seek to improve the productive capacity of Brazilian agribusiness, with a focus on enhancing the value added to Brazilian products;
  • regard the quality of their products and processes as their main competitive edge;prioritize sustainability and environmental conservation;reflect a concern for social inclusion, social and economic development, and improving the living standards of all communities involved.
  • prioritize sustainability and environmental conservation;
  • reflect a concern for social inclusion, social and economic development, and improving the living standards of all communities involved.


There is growing international demand for real-estate assets in Brazil. However, investors wishing to participate in the Brazilian agribusiness sector through Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) face difficulties, owing principally to provisions of Brazilian law which place restrictions on purchases and ownership of farmland by foreigners.

As part of Origine Group, Origine Business  stimulates foreign investments in real-estate, always combined with the development of productive ventures. This, we stress, is in consonance with our philosophy of promoting sustainable business, with value added, in counterpoint to simply marketing commodities.

Origine Business establishes strategic partnerships with organizations worldwide in the Business Real-Estate sector and is prepared to offer excellent services in this segment.

When appraising the feasibility and legal security of business ventures and analyzing investment risk and operational costs, Origine Business:

  • applies analytical methodologies to mitigate business, environmental, climatic, political, geopolitical and geo-economic risks, thereby avoiding other hazards, such as write-off of the investment (for example, loss of all expenditure or abandonment of the venture for lack of feasibility);
  • conducts assessments as to the logistical aspects of production, transport, storage and trading;
  • carefully examines the agronomic potential of the property and whether it is appropriate, based on criteria ranging from assessment of potential production and scale in relation to the proposed farming activity;


It also takes into consideration regional, cultural, historical, political, economic, social, and technological aspects, and conducts diagnostic assessments on the basis of scientifically proven research and data;

It does not overlook global political and technological scenarios, power structures or megatrends.