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Origine Chemical is the Origine Group company dedicated to the manufacture of cosmetics, based upon the desire of final consumers for wellbeing, safety and beauty. To this end, its efforts are focused on identification of trends and development of unique and original products.

The Mission of this platform is to transform Origine Chemical into a company renowned for its business practices and attitudes and for the creation of cosmetics made of truth, at state-of-the-art industrial facilities, using active ingredients and other high-quality inputs provided by the best accredited suppliers, by means of high technology and robotic methodologies.

Origine Chemical supplies the consumer market with high-quality and fairly priced homecare and professional lines of cosmetics for hair and skin care. Among the highlights that distinguish these products from others on the market is the use of an array of inputs originating from Brazilian biomes, including coffee, cotton and babaçu, in the formulation of its product lines.

Another remarkable feature of this company that differentiates it from others competing in this niche of the Brazilian cosmetics market is the unusually high degree of detailed planning and focus on expansion into international markets.

Thus, from selection of the machines, equipment and state-of-the-art technologies that comprise its modern industrial facilities; the research and development activities underlying its product lines; right down to fulfillment of all requirements of the compliance and regulatory stages, everything has been carefully considered, planned and executed, with a view to achieving outcomes that satisfy the desires of customers.

In the region surrounding its industrial facilities, Origine Chemical promotes social and economic development, both through generation of jobs and income, and deployment of Special Sustainable Development Projects.

Lastly, all Origine cosmetics undergo stringent quality and safety testing so as to ensure that they are safe and wholesome and that they meet the expectations of increasingly demanding consumer markets. Origine goes far beyond standard requirements and performs dermatological testing to ensure that its products do not contain inputs that are forbidden in overseas markets or that are no longer considered appropriate for use in cosmetics.

The competitive differential of this industry underscores the concepts upon which all Origine products are based. They are products made of truth. They are reliable, fairly priced, and respect the consumer, by exceeding the most stringent quality and safety requirements.