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According to data for the three most recent growing seasons, Brazil currently produces roughly 1.7 million tons of cotton fiber per year. This places Brazil among the world’s top five cotton producers, after China, India, the United States and Pakistan. Brazil is the world’s third largest cotton exporter and can boast the highest yields of dryland cotton. The domestic market also holds great promise, since Brazil is the fifth largest consumer of cotton, with purchases amounting to roughly 1 million tons per year.

The Origine brand’s cotton production, management and downstream business ensures that such activities abide by principles such as rational land and water use, conservation of biological resources, and consequent adoption of best practices for management and environmental awareness, through the participation of local communities in the development of sustainable economic alternatives.

Origine provides a number of competitive advantages for those involved in this production chain, including acknowledgment, through financial incentives and prizes to partners who achieve desired quality standards.

For the industry, one of the significant advantages is the possibility of mapping 100% of the supply chain and maintenance of stable long-term relationships with producers, thereby ensuring reliable supplies of cotton fiber.

Cotton production, to meet Origine standards, must entail total traceability of the product and strict abidance with social responsibility and environmental sustainability criteria, thereby eliminating many of the risks associated with current supply chains.

The care Origine devotes to the wellbeing of its customers can be felt when wearing a cotton garment produced with love and truth.

The Origine Group companies that are active on this platform are: Origine S.A.– for primary production of cotton fiber; a network of partner companies – for industrial processing; Origine Brazil – for strategic, tactical and operational planning and direct supervision and monitoring of all productive activities; and Origine International – for cotton trading in international markets.