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Origine Group adopts, in its guidelines, the support and use of clean technologies, in order to seek solutions that have the least impact on the environment. Thus, in its business, governance works with a focus on Zero Waste management, as well as supporting the transfer of electricity produced by the photovoltaic system to the distribution network. This system has as its component solar energy, which through an electronic device – the solar cell – is able to convert sunlight directly into electricity.

Brazil is going through a unique moment in its history, coupled with a global awareness of policies focused on the urgent need to maximize energy capacity in a sustainable way. The country presents itself as a unique opportunity for investments in the renewable energy environment. The energy matrix of Brazil is predominantly made up of hydroelectric generation, and is complemented by other sources. In large part, its system of production and transmission of electric energy is a large hydrothermal system.

Through its geographic and environmental characteristics, the Amazon region, due to its non-interconnection with SIN (National Interconnected System), and having a large thermal park of diesel generation, presents the best opportunities for developing alternative energy generation projects from clean sources, in addition to providing the framework of these projects.

In the Amazonian regions, a potential of around 500 MW of electric power generation is expected to be replaced by diesel-powered thermoelectric plants, reducing the environmental impact and polluting emissions, preserving the Amazon, a source of life and natural energy for the world.

Considering the diverse sources of electricity generation, the solar photovoltaic source is the one that has the most attractive potential for application in the region, when compared with others (hydro, wind, biomass, for example) since it has significant availability of insolation. Rapid deployment and very low environmental impact, as well as attractive costs when competing with thermoelectric generation to diesel oil.

With this vision, Origine Group intends to invest and promote with its network of partners, based on the generation of energy with thermoelectric plants powered by electric diesel motor generators, the implantation of sustainable energy with photovoltaic plants.

Thus, from Origine Group studies that predict economic viability, economic consistency is achieved with the maximization of profitability and return for its directors and Origine business partners.

The Origine Group company that operates on this platform is Origine S.A.