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Origine Group expands its Akaushi Network and offers great job opportunities

Origine Group, through its AKAUSHI Network Expansion Program, is offering opportunities to newly accredited members to work in the States of Pará, Maranhão, Tocantins, offering extremely attractive commissions and awards, as well as the opportunity to work with the only company that has the exclusive right to the AKAUSHI breed in Brazil.

On June 28 and 29, 2017, ORIGINE held a training workshop in Estreito – MA to train new breeders for the expansion of the AKAUSHI Breed Partner Network.

The Founding President, Dr. Júlio Resende, highlighted the essential aspects that make the ORIGINE Project unequaled, a project whose AKAUSHI Network Expansion Program is a fundamental link.

He highlighted the importance of the Akaushi breed in Brazil and of the AKAUSHI Partner Network, whose structuring allows for the integration of all of the processes within the links of the beef chain, that is, where ORIGINE has total control of the product, from the cattle production on the partner farm to the consumer’s table.

The President also stressed the importance of verticalization of the entire production process, as it represents the only way of ensuring the transparency and honesty in offering products of the best quality. And, it is in this way that the Origine Project becomes a vanguard.

The project features the implantation of the first of five, verticalized processing plants in Brazil, using cutting edge equipment
and technology for AKAUSHI beef production, generating a high-quality product with high added value.

Participants had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the history, mission, business and principles that guide Origine Group, such as: trust, credibility, ethics and profit-sharing.

The differences that define ORIGINE products, so important to the national and international consumer, are food safety, product quality, production process certification and traceability were highlighted.

President Júlio Resende emphasized that this is a unique opportunity for professionals who wish to be a part of this innovative Project, in which each technician, aside from becoming a substantial part of the AKAUSHI Producer Network Expansion, can earn great commissions on a progressive scale, according to meritorious productivity criteria.